Volume 19, Issue 1, 2016

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From: Theory & Event

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For Dick, In Memoriam


  Virtue Liberalism’s Viciousness

  Rights and Strong Voluntarism in the Works of Richard Flathman

  Neoliberalism, Irritation, and the Theory and Practice of Richard Flathman

  Willful Liberalism in America

  Richard Flathman and the rule of that and which

  The Dialectical Contrarianism of Richard Flathman

  Flathman on Hobbes


  What’s Left of “Empowerment” After Neoliberalism?

  Reflecting on Revolutions in France: Lacan and Burke

  Liberal Violence: From the Benjaminian Divine to the Angels of History

  The Polis Artist: Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis and the Politics of Literature

  Disagreeing About Democracy: Rancière, Negri, and the Challenges of Rethinking Politics in the Wake of 1968

Symposium - History and Political Theory

  On Relating History and Political Theory

  Unexpected Paths: On Political Theory and History

  Political Theory as Historical Counterpoint: The Case of Schmitt and Sovereignty

  History and Political Theory: A Difficult Reunion

  Thinking Historically


  The Politics of Human Weapons: Bargu’s Starve and Immolate

  Living with Ghosts: Brendese’s The Power of Memory in Democratic Politics

  And the Flesh Shall Set You Free: Weheliye’s Habeas Viscus

  Re-Thinking how Liberalism Constitutes Islam—Three Theses: On Massad’s Islam in Liberalism