restricted access   Volume 23, Numbers 1-2, 2015

Table of Contents


Editor’s Note

pp. 5-7


Human Remains

pp. 9-13

Posthumanism in the Age of Globalization: Rethinking the End of Education

pp. 15-39

The Beast, the Sovereign, and the Letter: Vernacular Posthumanism

pp. 41-56

Twilight of the Humanities: Rethinking (Post)Humanism with J.M. Coetzee

pp. 57-73

No Aporias Allowed: Posthumanism and the Humanities

pp. 75-90

Departments of Language

pp. 91-110

Four Experiments in Broadband Auralneirics

pp. 111-118

Animal Moments in Vladimir Nabokov’s Pnin and Saul Bellow’s Herzog

pp. 119-135

Post-Humanitarian Fictions

pp. 137-152

Human Together: Into the Interior of Auto/OntoPoeisis

pp. 153-171

Flights of the Human as Flights from the Human

pp. 173-200

General Articles

Intolerable Violence

pp. 201-223

Healing the Wounds of the Algerian Revolution in Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in their Apartment

pp. 225-245

The Different Persons of Amiri Baraka: Collectivity, Singularity, and Becoming-Minor

pp. 247-267

Thymotic Politics: Sloterdijk, Strauss, and Neoconservatism

pp. 269-289

Monotheism, the Incomplete Revolution: Narrating the Event in Freud’s and Assmann’s Moses

pp. 291-307

Fluxus, or the Work of Art in the Age of Information

pp. 309-325


A Body of Glass: The Case of El licenciado Vidriera

pp. 327-340

Transparency in Neoliberal Academe

pp. 341-362

Stubborn Shadows

pp. 363-373

The “Saran Wrap” Theory of Translation: Transparency and Invisibility, or the Kernel and the Envelope

pp. 375-392

On Meillassoux’s “Transparent Cage”: Speculative Realism and its Discontents

pp. 393-409


An American Bakhtin: Jonathan Arac, or, the Vocation of the Critic in the Age of the Novel

pp. 411-424


Not so Much Anti-Boycott as Pro-Israel

pp. 425-457

Governmentality in Crisis: Debt and the Illusion of Liberalism

pp. 459-468

The Phase of the Global (Wo)man: Gayatri Spivak’s Hope in Aesthetic Education

pp. 469-483


The Generation in Between: An Interview with Jonathan Pontell

pp. 485-511

Book Notes

Literary Criticism in the 21st Century: Theory Renaissance by Vincent B. Leitch (review)

pp. 513-514

Islands of Empire: Pop Culture and U.S. Power by Camilla Fojas (review)

pp. 514-516

The Practice of Value: Essays on Literature in Cultural Studies by John Frow (review)

pp. 516-518

A Theory of the Drone by Grégoire Chamayou (review)

pp. 518-520

From Modernity to Cosmodernity: Science, Culture, and Spirituality by Basarab Nicolescu (review)

pp. 520-522

Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility by Arianna Dagnino (review)

pp. 522-524

Yeats and Afterwords ed. by Marjorie Howes and Joseph Valente (review)

pp. 524-526

The Reject: Community, Politics, and Religion after the Subject by Irving Goh (review)

pp. 526-528

Theory Aside ed. by Jason Potts and Daniel Stout (review)

pp. 528-531

Gender Work: Feminism After Neoliberalism by Robin Truth Goodman (review)

pp. 531-532

Deleuze and Futurism: A Manifesto for Nonsense by Helen Palmer (review)

pp. 533-534

Convulsing Bodies: Religion & Resistance in Foucault by Mark D. Jordan (review)

pp. 534-537

Orgies of Feeling: Melodrama and the Politics of Freedom by Elisabeth R. Anker (review)

pp. 537-538

Notes on Contributors

pp. 540-544


p. 545