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Table of Contents

The Politics of Sound Art


The Politics of Sound Art

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A Pentalustral Interlude

pp. 3-4

Articles and Notes

Noise Pollution and the Eco-politics of Sound: Toxicity, Nature and Culture in the Contemporary Soundscape

pp. 5-8

The Tragic Art of Eco-Sound

pp. 9-13

The Sonic Witness: On the Political Potential of Field Recordings in Acoustic Art

pp. 14-16

Power Struggles: The Politics of Composing with Sounds of Protest

pp. 17-20

Dementia, Music and Biometric Gaming: Rising to the Dementia Challenge

pp. 21-24

The Meanings in Making: Openness, Technology and Inclusive Music Practices for People with Disabilities

pp. 25-29

Experimental Music with Young Novices: Politics and Pedagogy

pp. 30-33

Sound Exchange: Reframing Music Composition Educational Practice

pp. 34-36

Glitch/Failure: Constructing a Queer Politics of Listening

pp. 37-40

DIY Electronics: Revealing the Material Systems of Computation

pp. 41-46

Changing Music’s Constitution: Network Music and Radical Democratization

pp. 47-52

Sonic Proxemics and the Art of Persuasion: An Analytical Framework

pp. 53-56

Sounds, Images, Politics and Place

pp. 57-62

Physical Glitch Music: A Brutalist Noise Ensemble

pp. 63-67

Baghdad Music Journal: A Soldier’s Move toward Technology in Music

pp. 68-72

Considering the Politics of Sound Art in China in the 21st Century

pp. 73-78

Cultivating Activist Lives in Sound

pp. 79-83

The Instrumentality of Sense in Bruce Nauman’s Audio Video Piece for London, Ontario (1969–1970)

pp. 84-88

Schwitters’s Ursonate and the Merz Barn Wall

pp. 89-92

Making Activist Sound

pp. 93-94

The Lines Beneath Your Feet: Representing Urban Protest through Sound

pp. 94-95

True Bread: The Sounds of Change in Cuba

pp. 95-96

Black Field Plates: Emergent Ecologies in Sonic Art

pp. 96-98

Soundscapes of the Post-Soviet World Today: Resounding Lithuania

pp. 98-99

Return to SOURCE: Contemporary Composers Discuss the Sociopolitical Implications of Their Work

pp. 100-101

Cantos Cautivos: Online Archive of Songs of Political Captivity in Pinochet’s Chile

pp. 102-104

LMJ25 Audio Companion

Sonic Commentary: Meaning through Hearing

p. 105

Sonic Commentary: Meaning through Hearing

p. 106

Sonic Commentary: Meaning through Hearing

pp. 107-111

Reading List

Art, Science and Politics in Leonardo and LMJ, 1968–2015: A Reading List

pp. 112-113

Leonardo Volume 48 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 25

pp. 114-119

Leonardo Network News

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