restricted access   Volume 35, 2015

Table of Contents


Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Moving Forward

pp. vii-xi

Multiple Religious Belonging

Deep Listening and Virtuous Friendship: Spiritual Care in the Context of Religious Multiplicity

pp. 3-13

Like an Elephant Pricked by a Thorn: Buddhist Meditation Instructions as a Door to Deep Listening

pp. 15-20

Reflections on Jewish and Christian Encounters with Buddhism

pp. 21-28

Whose Buddhism? Whose Identity? Presenting and/or Misrepresenting Shin Buddhism for a Christian Audience: AAR Panel on Multiple Religious Belonging and Buddhist Identity November, 2013

pp. 29-35

Integrating Christ and the Saints into Buddhist Ritual: The Christian Homa of Yogi Chen

pp. 37-48

Religious Dualism and the Problem of Dual Religious Identity

pp. 49-55

Spiritually Bilingual: Buddhist Christians and the Process of Dual Religious Belonging

pp. 57-69

Comparative Theology

Sunyata and Otherness: Applying Mutually Transformative Categories from Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Christology

pp. 73-90

Comparing Eckhartian and Zen Mysticism

pp. 91-110

Suñña at the Bone: Emily Dickinson’s Theravadin Romanticism

pp. 111-119

Bodhicitta and Charity: A Comparison

pp. 121-146

In Defense of Frugality: Insights from “Green Contemplatives” across Traditions

pp. 147-161

Prolegomena to a Comparative Reading of The Major Life of St. Francis and The Life of Milarepa

pp. 163-180

Comparative Theology Is Not “Business-as-Usual Theology”: Personal Witness from a Buddhist Christian

pp. 181-192

“Wide Open to Life”: Thomas Merton’s Dialogue of Contemplative Practice

pp. 193-203

News and Views

edited by Jonathan A. Seitz

The Annual Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies: San Diego, California, USA November 21–23, 2014

pp. 207-209

Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and Comparative Scripture: Minzu University October 11, 2014

pp. 211-212

Using The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola as a Basis for a Buddhist-Christian Retreat

pp. 213-217

Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies Frederick J. Streng Book Award 2014: SBCS Streng Award Committee

pp. 220-221

Book Reviews

edited by Sid Brown

This-Worldly Nibbāna: A Buddhist-Feminist Social Ethic for Peacemaking in the Global Community by Hsiao-Lan Hu (review)

pp. 223-226

Buddhist Nuns and Gendered Practice: In Search of the Female Renouncer by Nirmala S. Salgado, and: Women in Pali Buddhism: Walking the Spiritual Paths in Mutual Dependence by Pascale Engelmajer, and: Women in Early Indian Buddhism: Comparative Textual Studies ed. by Alice Collett (review)

pp. 226-234

Zen and the Spiritual Exercises by Ruben L. F. Habito (review)

pp. 234-237

Facing up to Real Doctrinal Difference: How Some Thought-Motifs from Derrida can Nourish the Catholic-Buddhist Encounter by Robert Magliola (review)

pp. 238-241

The Ox-Herder and the Good Shepherd: Finding Christ on the Buddha’s Path by Addison Hodges Hart (review)

pp. 242-244

Hope: A Form of Delusion? Buddhist and Christian Perspectives ed. by Elizabeth Harris (review)

pp. 245-247

Church, Liberation, and World Religions: Towards a Christian-Buddhist Dialogue by Mario L. Aguilar (review)

pp. 247-249