restricted access   Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2015

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Ascertaining and Aligning Intentions, Consensus-Building in End-of-Life Decision-Making, Mainstreaming Traditional and Complementary Medicine

pp. 341-344


Experience of a New Kind: External Review of a Bioethics Centre

pp. 345-358

A Palliative Care Model for the Elucidation of Intention within the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MEI)

pp. 359-370

Ethics as a Modality Affecting Health and Healthcare Practice: Revealing the Real Strengths of Traditional Healthcare

pp. 371-379

Autonomy, Choices and Consent in Commercial Surrogacy: Viewing through the Indian Lens

pp. 380-393

Student Voices

Commentary on End-of-Life Decision-Making in Singapore: Best Interest Conflicting with Surrogate Decision-Making

pp. 394-401

Case Commentary

Legal Issues Regarding Confidentiality and Consent in HIV Testing in Hong Kong

pp. 402-409

Clinical Perspectives from Japan

pp. 410-412

A Patients’ Rights Approach: The New Zealand Perspective

pp. 413-416

Confidentiality, Consent and HIV Testing: Students’ View from Mainland China

pp. 417-419

Letter to the Editor

Medicine, Morality and the Refugee Crisis

pp. 420-421