restricted access   Volume 59, Number 2, 2016

Table of Contents


Somerset Maugham’s Apocryphal “Second-Rate” Status: Setting the Record Straight

pp. 139-152

H. Rider Haggard and the New Woman: A Difference in the Genre in Jess and Beatrice

pp. 153-174

Rudyard Kipling and Shell Shock: “More than a man could bear”

pp. 175-190

Virginia Woolf’s Cousin J. K. Stephen: Forgotten But Not Gone

pp. 191-209

Arnold Bennett and Home Management: Domestic Efficiency

pp. 210-233

Book Reviews

More T. E. Lawrence Correspondence

pp. 234-238

Owen Reanimated

pp. 238-240

Hardy’s Study of the Human Brain

pp. 240-243

The Precarious Survival of Baron Corvo

pp. 244-245

An Archaeologist’s Approach to Baron Corvo

pp. 245-248

Novel Masculinities

pp. 248-251

Unjustly Neglected: Four Early 20th Century British Texts

pp. 251-256

Copyright & Its Discontents

pp. 256-259

Joyce Outside In

pp. 259-263

Bringing Joyce Down to Earth

pp. 263-270

American D. H. Lawrence

pp. 270-274

More on Irish Drama

pp. 275-278