restricted access   Volume 72, Number 4, October 2015

Table of Contents


pp. 527-528


Fray Angélico Chávez and the Colonial Southwest: Historiography and Rematerialization

pp. 529-547

Indigenismo Occupied: Indigenous Youth and Mexico’s Democratic Opening (1968–1975)

pp. 549-582

Crossing Mexico (1620–1621): Franciscan Nuns and Their Journey to the Philippines

pp. 583-606

Scholarly Exchange

Introduction: Brazilian Candomblé: Scholarship at the Crossroads of Africa and New World

pp. 607-608

In-Depth Review: The Formation of Candomblé: Vodun History and Ritual in Brazil, by Luis Nicolau Parés

pp. 609-628

Luis Nicolau Parés: Reply to the Review of J. Lor and Matory

pp. 628-641

Closing Thoughts

pp. 641-642

Books In Brief

pp. 643-649


The Success of the Left in Latin America: Untainted Parties, Market Reforms, and Voting Behavior by Rosario Queirolo (review)

pp. 651-653

Africana, Slavery, and Diaspora Studies

Africans into Creoles: Slavery, Ethnicity, and Identity in Colonial Costa Rica by Russell Lohse (review)

pp. 653-655

Silencing Race: Disentangling Blackness, Colonialism, and National Identities in Puerto Rico by Ileana Rodríguez-Silva (review)

pp. 655-657

Conquest and Colonization

Vertical Empire: The General Resettlement of Indies in the Colonial Andes by Jeremy Ravi Mumford (review)

pp. 657-658

Maya Lords and Lordship: The Formation of Colonial Society in Yucatán, 1350–1600 by Sergio Quezada (review)

pp. 658-660

The First Letter from New Spain: The Lost Petition of Cortés and his Company, June 20, 1519 by John Frederick Schwaller (review)

pp. 660-661

Cultural/Literary Studies

Creole Renegades: Rhetoric of Betrayal and Guilt in the Caribbean Diaspora by Bénédicte Boisseron (review)

pp. 661-664

La Catedral de Mérida by Miguel A. Bretos (review)

pp. 664-665

Spectacular Mexico: Design, Propaganda, and the 1968 Olympics by Luis M. Castañeda (review)

pp. 665-667

Making Samba: A New History of Race and Music in Brazil by Marc A. Hertzman (review)

pp. 667-668

The Casa del Deán: New World Imagery in a Sixteenth-Century Mexican Mural Cycle by Penny C. Morrill (review)

pp. 669-670

Listening in Detail: Performances of Cuban Music by Alejandra T. Vázquez (review)

pp. 670-672

Ethnohistory/Indigenous Politics

Rhythms of the Pachakuti: Indigenous Uprising and State Power in Bolivia by Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar (review)

pp. 672-673

From the Mines to the Streets: A Bolivian Activist’s Life by Benjamin Kohl and Linda Farthing (review)

pp. 673-675

We Are the Face of Oaxaca: Testimony and Social Movements by Lynn Stephen (review)

pp. 675-676

Gender and Sexuality

Entrepreneurial Selves: Neoliberal Respectability and the Making of a Caribbean Middle Clas by Carla Freeman (review)

pp. 676-678

Traumatic States: Gendered Violence, Suffering and Care in Chile by Nia Parson (review)

pp. 678-680

Pan American Women: U.S. Internationalists and Revolutionary Mexico by Megan Threlkeld (review)

pp. 680-681

Latino/Border Studies

Sacrificing Families: Navigating Laws, Labor, and Love Across Borders by Leisy J. Abrego (review)

pp. 681-683

Mexicans in the Making of America by Neil Foley (review)

pp. 683-684

Latining America: Black-Brown Passages and the Coloring of Latino/a Studies by Claudia Milian (review)

pp. 684-686


Los orígenes de la burguesía de El Salvador. El control sobre el café y el Estado. 1848-1890 by Antonio Acosta Rodŕıguez (review)

pp. 686-688

Brazil: The Troubled Rise of a Global Power by Michael Reid (review)

pp. 688-689

Religion/Religious Practices

The New Orleans Sisters of the Holy Family by Edward T. Brett (review)

pp. 690-691

Rural Social History

Land, Livelihood, and Civility in Southern Mexico: Oaxaca Valley Communities in History by Scott Cook (review)

pp. 691-693