restricted access   Issue 85, 2015 (New Series)

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When acting as a particle

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Lost Footnotes of the Gospels

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Wet Stamps from Madison

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The Salvation of Aurella Aurita

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¡Viva la Muerte!

pp. 6-11

After the Drawings of Emmeline Grangerford

pp. 12-18

This is not a poem

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Things We Hate

pp. 20-26

Eureka! Corner Drugstore, Slushy March Afternoon

p. 27

Bono Rings My Doorbell

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Lineage (2)

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Lineage (4)

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Slow Parting

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Monologue during Demon Possession

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Hangover Poem

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Walking in the Motherland

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Whirrs and Whorls (Tristitia)

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The Hunted, the Haunted, the Hungry, the Tame

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When acting as a wave

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Critical Revaluation

Tonalities of Defeat and Palestinian Modernism

pp. 56-79

Academic Imperialism; or, Replacing Nonrepresentative Elites: Democratizing English Departments at Top-Ranked US Institutions

pp. 80-106

Special Focus: Emergent Precarities and Lateral Aesthetics

Guest edited by Elizabeth Adan and Benjamin Bateman

Emergent Precarities and Lateral Aesthetics: An Introduction

pp. 107-118

Unstored Energies: Dickinson’s “Precarious Gait” and the Sway of Threadbare Lines

pp. 119-131

Beckett and the Character of the Unchosen; or, The Time of Precarity

pp. 132-143

The No-Prospect Poem: Lyric Finality in Prynne, Awoonor, and Trethewey

pp. 144-152

Everybody’s Poetry

pp. 153-161

Accounting for Ashes: The Art of Sabotage in the Chilean Student Movement

pp. 162-169

Tania Bruguera: The Structure of Address after the Participatory Turn

pp. 170-179

Precarity’s Prayers

pp. 180-188

Books Received

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