restricted access   Volume 64, Number 1, Summer 2015

Table of Contents

Library and Information Services in Africa in the Twenty-First Century

Ellen R. Tise, Issue Editor


pp. 1-2

African Librarianship: A Relic, a Fallacy, or an Imperative?

pp. 3-18

The Drive for School Libraries in South Africa: Intersections and Connections

pp. 19-41

Career Development in African Librarianship

pp. 42-52

Ethical Aspects of Doctoral-Research Advising in the Emerging African Information Society

pp. 53-71

National Libraries in Africa: Refocusing Their Work to Ensure Delivery of Services

pp. 72-83

Understanding Innovation and Policy Transfer: Implications for Libraries and Information Services in Africa

pp. 84-111

The Role of Libraries in Contemporary African Society

pp. 112-124

New Imperatives for Librarianship in Africa

pp. 125-135

Promoting Open Scholarship in Africa: Benefits and Best Library Practices

pp. 136-160

LIS Education in the Digital Age for an African Agenda

pp. 161-177