restricted access   Volume 30, Number 4, Fall 2015

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Readers Respond


Left-Wing Follies: The Self-Defeating Ideas that Hold Activists Back

Dear Friends of Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives,

Rethinking Religion

The Audience of the Future: Building the Religious Counterculture

Sacred Earth, Sacred Self: A Meditation on Inner Transformation

Against Patriarchy: Reclaiming the Christian Doctrine of the Virgin Birth

Special Section: What’s Next for Israel/Palestine?

What’s Next for Israel/Palestine?: An Introduction

Until Two States Exist, Palestinians Deserve Voting Rights in Israel

The Logic of Abandoning the Two-States Campaign

Nonviolence, BDS, and the Dream of Beloved Community in Palestine/Israel

The Lucrative Arms Trade Behind the Occupation Must End

Israel Can’t Have It Both Ways: Recognize Palestine or Grant Equal Rights

The Only Road to Sustainable Peace: Pluralistic Democracy

If You Want Justice, Support All Forms of Nonviolent Pressure on Israel

Escaping the Two-State Snare

Moving Beyond the One-State/Two-State Debate

Israel’s Human Shields Defense: Shielding Israeli War Crimes

A New Horizon for Peace: An Israel-Palestine Union

State-Building Can Pave the Way to Statehood: Lessons from Kurdistan

Israeli Elections Won’t End Oppression in Palestine/Israel

Closing Thoughts on “What’s Next for Israel/Palestine?”

Politics and Society

Making Amends: Healing from Individual and Collective Trauma and Loss

“I Still Can’t Breathe”: Artists Decry Racism from the Watts Rebellion to the Present

The Power of Service

Structure Without Hierarchy: Effective Leadership in Social Change Movements

To Transform the World, Think Like a Gardener



Words of Devotion

Beyond Self-Blame: Destigmatizing Unemployment

The Psyche in Psychedelic


Dante’s Politics

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