restricted access   Volume 8, Number 3, Fall 2015

Table of Contents

Guest Editors’ Introduction

pp. 339-340

Object Lesson

Cycles of Mourning and Memory: Quilts by Mother and Daughter in Gee’s Bend, Alabama

pp. 345-352


“Closer to God”: Child Death in Historical Perspective

pp. 353-377

“The Dead and The Living”: Child Death, the Public Mortuary Movement, and the Spaces of Grief and Selfhood in Victorian London

pp. 378-402

Two Deaths at Whittier State School: The Meanings of Youth Suicide, 1939–1940

pp. 403-425

Glimpsing Working-Class Childhood through the Laurier Palace Fire of 1927: The Ordinary, the Tragic, and the Historian’s Gaze

pp. 426-450

Didactic Sudden Death: Children, Police, and Teaching Citizenship in the Age of Automobility

pp. 451-475

“Sad death of a child”: Researching the Death of Children in State Care as an Act of Remembrance

pp. 476-499

Narrating Death, Surviving Life: Memory and Palestinian Mothers Who Lost Their Children in the Second Intifada

pp. 500-520

Book Reviews

Audacious Kids: The Classic American Children’s Story by Jerry Griswold, and: Ethics and Children’s Literature ed. by Claudia Mills, and: Learning How to Feel: Children’s Literature and Emotional Socialization, 1870-1970 ed. by Ute Frevert, and: The Afterlife of Little Women by Beverly Lyon Clark (review)

pp. 521-525

Cold War Kids: Politics and Childhood in Postwar America, 1945-1960 by Marilyn Irvin Holt, and: The Politics of Childhood in Cold War America by Ann Marie Kordas, and: Innocent Weapons: The Soviet and American Politics of Childhood in the Cold War by Margaret Peacock (review)

pp. 525-530


pp. 531-532