free access   Volume 40, Number 1, Spring 2014

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From: Victorian Review

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free access   Editors’ Note

p. 7

Forum: Victorian Humanity

Disability and the Parameters of Humanity

free access   Intellectual Disability

pp. 9-14

free access   “A Human Bundle”: The Disaggregated Other at the Fin de Siècle

pp. 14-18

free access   “The Little Dog Is Only a Stage Property”: The Blind Man’s Dog in Victorian Culture

pp. 18-23

Human/Non-human Animal Boundaries

free access   Animal Age

pp. 24-27

free access   Hajjin: “Photographed from Life”

pp. 28-31

The Limits of Humanity: Politics, Industry, and the Slum

free access   The Inhumanity of Political Economy: Mid-Victorian Feminism and the Politics of the Abstract

pp. 31-35

free access   Inhuman Rhythms: Working-Class Railway Poets and the Measure of Industry

pp. 35-39

free access   Comprehending the Slum-Dweller: Affect and A Child of the Jago

pp. 39-43

Making Races: Victorian Racial Theories and The Category of the Human

free access   The Slave Trade and Victorian “Humanity”

pp. 43-47

free access   Making Races

pp. 48-52

free access   Victorian Ireland: Race and the Category of the Human

pp. 52-57


Hamilton Prize Essay

free access   Parables and Unitarianism in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton

pp. 59-76

free access   Sisterly Bonds and Rewriting Urban Gendered Spheres in Amy Levy’s The Romance of a Shop

pp. 77-96

free access   Making the Case: Detection and Confession in Lady Audley’s Secret and The Woman in White

pp. 97-116

free access   The Mill on the Floss’s Tom Tulliver and the Victorian Bluebeard Type

pp. 117-134

free access   Music and New Woman Aesthetics in Mona Caird’s The Daughters of Danaus

pp. 135-154

free access   Narrative Cessation and Professional Culture in Elizabeth Gaskell’s A Dark Night’s Work

pp. 155-175

free access   “In that Bony Light”: The Museum Economy of Our Mutual Friend

pp. 177-196

free access   Margaret Hale’s Books and Flowers: North and South’s Paratextual Dialogues with Felicia Hemans

pp. 197-209

free access   Conscience, Voice, and Presence: Newman’s University Sermons and Victorian Platform Culture

pp. 211-231

free access   Radical Education in Aurora Leigh

pp. 233-249

Book Reviews

free access   Novel Science: Fiction and the Invention of Nineteenth-Century Geology by Adelene Buckland (review)

pp. 251-252

free access   Roomscape: Women Writers in the British Museum from George Eliot to Virginia Woolf by Susan David Bernstein (review)

pp. 252-254

free access   Disraeli: The Romance of Politics by Robert O’Kell (review)

pp. 254-256

free access   Oceania and the Victorian Imagination: Where All Things Are Possible ed. by Susan David Bernstein (review)

pp. 256-260

free access   Contributors

pp. 261-265