restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, Fall 2015

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction

pp. 1-3


Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza New Scholar Award Winner

Eroticizing Eve: A Narrative Analysis of Eve Images in Fashion Magazine Advertising

pp. 5-24

Kumakalam Na Sikmura: Hunger as Filipino Women’s Awakening to Ecofeminist Consciousness

pp. 25-44

Toward a Scriptural Hermeneutics Of Islamic Feminism

pp. 45-64

Traumatic Inheritance and the Demasculinization of God: Reimagining the Divine among Descendants of the Holocaust

pp. 65-82

In a Different Voice

Dragons: A Poem-Cycle

pp. 83-87

Special Section: Catholic Feminism

Father Knows Best: Theological “Mansplaining” and the Ecclesial War on Women

pp. 89-107

Women Religious and the Public Voice of Catholicism

pp. 109-126

In a Different Voice

Jephthah and His Daughter

pp. 127-128

Penitente/Physician/My Heart

pp. 129-133

Roundtable: Feminism, Religion, and the Internet

The Evolution of Feminist Studies in Religion

pp. 135-140

Hacking the System

pp. 140-144

Religious Feminists and the Digital Divide

pp. 144-149

The Depth and Weight of Feminist Studies in Islam: A Response to “The Evolution of Feminist Studies in Religion”

pp. 149-154

The New “ Women”: Women Engaging Religious and Theological Discourse Online

pp. 154-159

“Web-Weaving,” for Spider-Avatars

pp. 159-163

Participating for Transformation in Online Space

pp. 163-167