Volume 25, Number 4, December 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue in Honor of Jerry H. Bentley


pp. 457-458

Editorial Introduction: A Festschrift for Jerry Bentley

pp. 459-473

“Together They Might Make Trouble”: Cross-Cultural Interactions in Tang Dynasty Guangzhou, 618–907 c.e .

pp. 475-492

Beyond the World-System: A Buddhist Ecumene

pp. 493-513

“With a Pretty Little Garden at the Back”: Domesticity and the Construction of “Civilized” Colonial Spaces in Nineteenth-Century Aotearoa/New Zealand

pp. 515-534

Writing a World History of the Anglo-Gorkha Borderlands in the Early Nineteenth Century

pp. 535-558

Travel and Survival in the Colonial Malay World: Mobility, Region, and the World in Johor Elite Strategies, 1818–1914

pp. 559-582

Advertising Community: Union Times and Singapore’s Vernacular Public Sphere, 1906–1939

pp. 583-609

“One’s Molokai Can Be Anywhere”: Global Influence in the Twentieth-Century History of Hansen’s Disease

pp. 611-627

Review Essay

Jerry Bentley, World History, and the Decline of the “West”

pp. 631-643

Book Reviews

Global Population: History, Geopolitics, and Life on Earth by Alison Bashford (review)

pp. 645-647

Historia y Globalización: VIII Conversaciones Internacionales de Historia ed. by Francisco Javier Caspistegui (review)

pp. 648-651

The Making of the Modern Refugee by Peter Gatrell (review)

pp. 651-654

Chinese Money in Global Context: Historic Junctures between 600 bce and 2012 by Niv Horesh (review)

pp. 654-657

Debating the End of History: The Marketplace, Utopia, and the Fragmentation of Intellectual Life by David W. Noble (review)

pp. 658-660

Cultures in Motion ed. by Daniel T. Rodgers, Bhavani Raman, Helmut Reimitz (review)

pp. 660-662

Books Received

pp. 663-666

Index to Volume 25, 2014

pp. 667-670