restricted access   Volume 91, Number 3, September 2015

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Direct and indirect affix borrowing

pp. 511-532

Semantic variation and the grammar of property concepts

pp. 533-563

Differential object marking in Spanish, Hindi, and Romanian as heritage languages

pp. 564-610

Does space structure spatial language?: A comparison of spatial expression across sign languages

pp. 611-641

The coordinate structure constraint as a discourse-oriented principle: Further evidence from Japanese and Korean

pp. 642-675

From cumulative to separative exponence in inflection: Reversing the morphological cycle

pp. 676-722

Historical Syntax (Web Only Content)

The syntax of Sanskrit compounds

pp. e71-e115

Perspectives (Web Only Content)

Explanatory adequacy is not enough: Response to commentators on ‘Child language acquisition: Why universal grammar doesn’t help’

pp. e116-e126

Diversity driven but cognitively constrained: Boas meets Chomsky (Response to commentators)

pp. e127-e143

Phonological Analysis (Web Only Content)

The acquisition of prosody in American Sign Language

pp. e144-e168

Replies (Web Only Content)

Precede-and-command revisited revisited

pp. e169-e178

Brief reply to Zwart

pp. e179-e180

Review Article

Ethnologue 16/17/18th editions: A comprehensive review

pp. 723-737

Web Only Supplemental Material (Open Access)

open access   Ethnologue 16/17/18th editions: A comprehensive review: Online appendices

pp. s1-s188


The minimalist program: The nature and plausibility of Chomsky’s biolinguistics by Fahad Rashed Al-Mutairi (review)

pp. 738-740

The nature and origin of language by Denis Bouchard (review)

pp. 741-743

Mouth actions in sign languages: An empirical study of Irish Sign Language by Susanne Mohr (review)

pp. 743-746

Micro-syntactic variation in North American English ed. by Raffaella Zanuttini and Laurence R. Horn (review)

pp. 746-750

Recent Publications

pp. 751-754