restricted access   Volume 8, Number 2, Fall 2015

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Just Food

free access   Food, Health, and Global Justice

pp. 1-9


Vulnerability, Relationality, and Dependency: Feminist Conceptual Resources for Food Justice

pp. 10-46

Implications of Structure versus Agency for Addressing Health and Well-Being in Our Ecologically Constrained World: With a Focus on Prospects for Gender Equity

pp. 47-69

Approche de l’anorexie au carrefour de la phénoménologie et du féminisme

pp. 70-85

Appetites, Disorder, and Desire

pp. 86-102

Just Modeling?: The Modeling Industry, Eating Disorders, and the Law

pp. 103-138

Latch On or Back Off?: Public Health, Choice, and the Ethics of Breast-Feeding Promotion Campaigns

pp. 139-171

Fair Advice: Discretion, Persuasion, and Standard Setting in Child Nutrition Advice

pp. 172-203

Feeding versus Artificial Nutrition and Hydration: At the Boundaries of Medical Intervention and Social Interaction

pp. 204-225

With all Due Caution: Global Anti-Obesity Campaigns and the Individualization of Responsibility

pp. 226-249

Review Essay

Piketty and the Body: On the Relevance of Wealth Inequality to Bioethics

pp. 250-265


Food Chains dir. by Sanjay Rawal (review)

pp. 266-271

Conceiving Masculinity: Male Infertility, Medicine, and Identity by Liberty Walther Barnes (review)

pp. 271-274

Family-Making: Contemporary Ethical Challenges ed. by Françoise Baylis and Carolyn McLeod (review)

pp. 275-279