restricted access   Volume 22, Issue 2, 2015

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Editors’ Note

p. 241

Symposium: Law and the Globalization of Austerity

Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bloomington, Indiana September 11-12, 2014

The Financial Crisis, the European Union Institutional Order, and Constitutional Responsibility

pp. 243-267

Austerity, the European Council, and the Institutional Future of the European Union: A Proposal to Strengthen the Presidency of the European Council

pp. 269-334

Potential Exit from the Eurozone: The Case of Spain

pp. 335-377

Law, Fiscal Federalism, and Austerity

pp. 379-400

No Simple Fix: Fiscal Rules and the Politics of Austerity

pp. 401-431

The Politics of Fiscal Austerity: Democracies and Foresight

pp. 433-485

Austerity, Debt Overhang, and the Design of International Standards on Sovereign, Corporate, and Consumer Debt Restructuring

pp. 487-541

Why ‘Fiscal Austerity’?: A Review of Recent Evidence on the Economic Effects of Sovereign Debt

pp. 543-571

Legislating Safety Nets: Comparing Recent Social Protection Laws in Asia

pp. 573-629

Surviving the Crisis and Austerity: The Coping Strategies of Portuguese Households

pp. 631-664

The Role of Central Banks in Global Austerity

pp. 665-695

Book Review

A Review of “Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection,” by Henry Shue

pp. 697-702


Maintaining the Balance of Power: A Typology of Primacy Clauses in Federal Systems

pp. 703-735

The Best Interests of a Trafficked Adolescent

pp. 737-767

An Unbalanced Act: A Criticism of How the Court of Arbitration for Sport Issues Unjustly Harsh Sanctions by Attempting to Regulate Doping in Sport

pp. 769-787

Anatomy of a Design Regime

pp. 789-807