restricted access   Number 20, July 2015

Table of Contents


The Future of "Rule According to Law" in China


pp. 2-3

Legal Reform in the Xi Jinping Era

pp. 4-9

China’s Legal System and the Fourth Plenum

pp. 10-16

Chinese Characteristics of the “Socialist Rule of Law”: Will the Fourth Plenum Cure the Problems of the Chinese Judicial System?

pp. 17-22

The Rule of Law with Xi-Era Characteristics: Law for Economic Reform, Anticorruption, and Illiberal Politics

pp. 23-29

Assessing the Fourth Plenum of the Chinese Communist Party: Personnel Management and Corruption

pp. 30-37

Conclusion: Stronger and More Professional Courts—But Still Under Party Control

pp. 38-44


Why Can’t We Be Friends?: Assessing the Operational Value of Engaging PLA Leadership

pp. 45-79

From Strategic Partnership to Strategic Alliance?: Australia-Japan Security Ties and the Asia-Pacific

pp. 81-111

Internal Migration in North Korea: Preparation for Governmental Disruption

pp. 113-141

Book Review Roundtable

Nicholas R. Lardy’s Markets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China

The State of China’s Economic Miracle

pp. 144-148

Distortions in the Balance Sheet Matter to China’s Growth

pp. 148-152

Who Is Responsible for China’s Growth: The State or the Private Sector?

pp. 152-155

Where’s the Government?

pp. 156-160

The Contradictions of China’s Political Economy

pp. 160-163

Author’s Response: China Has Grown Because It Has Grown More Capitalist

pp. 163-168