restricted access   Volume 137, Number 4, August 2015

Table of Contents


The semiclassical theory of discontinuous systems and ray-splitting billiards

pp. 859-906

On the images and poles of degenerate Eisenstein series for ${\rm GL}(n,\Bbb{A}_{\Bbb{Q}})$ and ${\rm GL}(n,\Bbb{R})$

pp. 907-951

Eisenstein series on covers of odd orthogonal groups

pp. 953-1011

Birational automorphism groups and the movable cone theorem for Calabi-Yau manifolds of Wehler type via universal Coxeter groups

pp. 1013-1044

Multi-marginal optimal transport on Riemannian manifolds

pp. 1045-1060

Fourier coefficients of harmonic weak Maass forms and the partition function

pp. 1061-1097

On the restriction of Zuckerman’s derived functor modules Aq(λ) to reductive subgroups

pp. 1099-1138

A short proof of the multidimensional Szemerédi theorem in the primes

pp. 1139-1145

Errata to: Endoscopic lifts to the Siegel modular threefold related to Klein’s cubic threefold

p. 1147