restricted access   Volume 91, Number 2, June 2015

Table of Contents


Mobile object markers in Moro: The role of tone

pp. 269-307

Patterns of contrast in phonological change: Evidence from Algonquian vowel systems

pp. 308-357

Polarity particle responses as a window onto the interpretation of questions and assertions

pp. 359-414

The role of the language production system in shaping grammars

pp. 415-441

Case alternations in Ancient Greek passives and the typology of Case

pp. 442-481

Perspectives (Web Only Content)

What is really wrong with universal grammar (Commentary on Behme)

pp. e27-e30

Challenges for a theory of islands: A broader perspective on Ambridge, Pine, and Lieven

pp. e31-e39

Phonological Analysis (Web Only Content)

Can phonological universals be emergent?: Modeling the space of sound change, lexical distribution, and hypothesis selection

pp. e40-e70

Web Only Supplemental Material (Open Access)

open access   Can phonological universals be emergent? Modeling the space of sound change, lexical distribution, and hypothesis selection: Online appendices

pp. s1-s20


A syntax of substance by David Adger (review)

pp. 482-484

More than nature needs: Language, mind, and evolution by Derek Bickerton (review)

pp. 485-488

The Routledge handbook of historical linguistics ed. by Claire Bowern and Bethwyn Evans (review)

pp. 488-491

Making new words: Morphological derivation in English by R. M. W. Dixon (review)

pp. 491-494

The origins of language: A slim guide by James R. Hurford (review)

pp. 494-497

Kayardild morphology and syntax by Erich R. Round (review)

pp. 497-500

Rightward movement in a comparative perspective ed. by Gert Webelhuth, Manfred Sailer, and Heike Walker (review)

pp. 500-503

The Editor’s Report

pp. 504-506

Recent Publications

pp. 507-510