restricted access   Volume 48, Number 4, Summer 2015

Table of Contents

Special Issue: E.P. Thompson after Fifty Years


E. P. Thompson, Politics and History: Writing Social History Fifty Years after The Making of the English Working Class

pp. 753-758

“Humbug” or “Human Good?”: E.P. Thompson, the Rule of Law and Coercive Labor Relations Under Neoliberal American Capitalism

pp. 759-788

Tents Amid the Fragments: The Law at Greenham Common

pp. 789-802

Moral Economy?: Popular Demands and State Intervention in the Struggle over Anti-Profiteering Laws in Greece 1914–1925

pp. 803-815

The Poverty of (Marxist) Theory: Peasant Classes, Provincial Capital, and the Critique of Globalization in India

pp. 816-841

Section II: Social History and Politics

Radiation Secrecy and Censorship after Hiroshima and Nagasaki

pp. 842-864

Beyond Resistance and Collaboration: Towards a Social History of Politics in Hitler’s Empire

pp. 865-891

Community and Exclusion: The Torrey Canyon Disaster of 1967

pp. 892-909

Section III: Other Regional Issues

Among the Beasts of Burma: Animals and the Politics of Colonial Sensibilities, c. 1840–1940

pp. 910-932

Honest and Useful?: The Post-Institutional Lives of Refuge for the Destitute Beneficiaries

pp. 933-955


Roman Disasters by Jerry Toner (review)

pp. 956-958

Modern Food, Moral Food: Self-Control, Science and the Rise of Modern American Eating in the Early Twentieth Century by Helen Zoe Veit (review)

pp. 958-959

Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon by Cindy Ott (review)

pp. 960-961

Fear of Food: A History of Why We Worry About What We Eat by Harvey Levenstein (review)

pp. 961-963

Nights Out: Life in Cosmopolitan London by Judith Walkowitz (review)

pp. 963-965

Enlightened Metropolis: Constructing Imperial Moscow, 1762-1855 by Alexander M. Martin (review)

pp. 965-967

The Ailing City: Health, Tuberculosis, and Culture in Buenos Aires, 1870-1950 by Diego Armus (review)

pp. 967-969

Family Secrets: Shame and Privacy in Modern Britain by Deborah Cohen (review)

pp. 969-971

Paolina’s Innocence: Child Abuse in Casanova’s Venice by Larry Wolff (review)

pp. 971-973

Taming Passion for the Public Good: Policing Sex in the Early Republic by Mark E. Kann (review)

pp. 973-975

River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and Empire in the Cotton Kingdom by Walter Johnson (review)

pp. 975-977

Testing Wars in the Public Schools: A Forgotten History by William J. Reese (review)

pp. 977-979

The Inevitable Hour: A History of Caring for Dying Patients in America by Emily K. Abel (review)

pp. 979-980

Blood, Sweat, and Toil: Remaking the British Working Class, 1939-1945 by Geoffrey G. Field (review)

pp. 980-982

The Communist Youth League and the Transformation of the Soviet Union, 1917–1932 by Matthias Neumann (review)

pp. 982-984

Index Volume 48

pp. 985-989