restricted access   Volume 5, Number 1, Winter 2015

Table of Contents


A Genealogy of Silence: Chōra and the Placelessness of Greek Women

pp. 1-24

Judith Butler’s “New Humanism”: A Thing or Not a Thing, and So What?

pp. 25-40

The Antigone-Effect and the Oedipal Curse: Toward a Promiscuous Natality

pp. 41-49

Scholarly Dialogue on the Work of Cynthia Willett: An Affectively Attuned Ethics of Generosity

Wild Love: Cynthia Willett’s Biosocial Eros Ethics

pp. 50-58

Play, Laugh, Love: Cynthia Willett’s Challenge to Philosophy

pp. 59-69

Ethics for a Layered Self: Laughter, Reciprocity, Generosity, Home

pp. 70-79

Scholarly Dialogue on Psychoanalysis and Philosophy in the Work of Monique David-Ménard: Objects, Phantasms, Life, and Death

Reflections on Object Life in Monique David-Ménard

pp. 80-87

Objects, Exchanges, Discourse

pp. 88-110

“Foucault for Psychoanalysis”: Monique David-Ménard’s Kind of Blue

pp. 111-127


pp. 128-138

Short Cuts

Short Cuts

p. 139

Beyond “Born this Way”

pp. 140-144

Book Reviews

The Severed Head: Capital Visions by Julia Kristeva (review)

pp. 145-148

Foucault, Politics and Violence by Johanna Oksala (review)

pp. 149-154

Solitary Confinement: Social Death and Its Afterlives by Lisa Guenther (review)

pp. 155-160

Sovereign Masculinity: Gender Lessons from the War on Terror by Bonnie Mann (review)

pp. 161-165