restricted access   Volume 22, 2015

Table of Contents

From the Editor

pp. v-vi


Rupture and Literary Creation in Jean-Paul Sartre [1968]

pp. 1-15

Girard and Derrida: Philosophy for Laughs

pp. 17-29

Mimesis as Scandal: Rousseau and Derrida

pp. 31-42

Queering Girard—De-Freuding Butler: A Theoretical Encounter between Judith Butler’s Gender Performativity and René Girard’s Mimetic Theory

pp. 43-64

Spencer-Brown, Peirce, Girard, and the Origin of Logic

pp. 65-87

The Future of (Post-)Modernity—Silver Linings or Heart of Darkness?: René Girard’s Apocalyptic Thinking Revisited

pp. 89-105

Little Red Riding Hood: Victimage in Folktales and Cinema—A Case Study

pp. 107-132

Sport and the Sacred Victim: René Girard and the Death of Phillip Hughes

pp. 133-139

Violence, Sacrifice, and Flesh Eating in Judeo-Christian Tradition

pp. 141-151

Dueling to the End/Ending “The Duel”: Girard avec Conrad

pp. 153-184

“Some witless paraclete beleaguered with all limbo’s clamor”: On Violent Contagion and Apocalyptic Logic in Cormac McCarthy’s Outer Dark

pp. 185-202

The Role of the Androgyne in the Biblical Subversion of the Mytho-Sacrificial World: Exploring the Early Messianic Lineage as a Series of New Adams

pp. 203-220

Raymund Schwager, SJ, in Fourvière and Fribourg

pp. 221-245


pp. 247-251