restricted access   Volume 25, Number 2, March/April 2010

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Design Action Collective


Readers Respond

pp. 3-77

The Contrarian

Avatar—the Soul in the Machine

p. 6


Obama and Avatar

pp. 7-11

Passing a Constitutional Amendment to Challenge the Supreme Court’s Obeisance to Corporate Power

p. 12

Special Section: God and the Twenty-First Century

Special Section: God and the Twenty-First Century

p. 33

Sacred Evolution: A Radical Jewish Perspective on God and Science

pp. 33-74

The Gap God Opens

p. 41

The God of a Talmudist

p. 42

The Lure of Love Divine: Mystery, Spirit, Process, Liberation

pp. 42-43

God, in Whom ...

p. 44

A Call for Sacred Biologists: Please Announce Yourselves

pp. 45-46

There Can Be No Universal Talk of God

p. 46

The Testimony of Faith to the Ultimate Origin

pp. 47-49

The Future of God—And Secularism

p. 50

A Universe Struggling to Become Aware?

p. 51

Is “Radical Theology” Radical?

p. 52

Climate Change and the Question of God

p. 53

An Evolving View of God

p. 54

Sacred Pronouns

p. 55

A God We Could Believe In

pp. 55-56

God’s Timeless Names

pp. 56-57

God in the Age of Twitter

p. 57

Rethinking Religion

Notes on Silence

pp. 29-72

Reaching for the Moon: A Children’s Book Author Challenges the Separation of Science and Religion

pp. 58-60

The Healing Power of Sacred Dance

pp. 61-64

Politics & Society

The Activist’s Dilemma: Reform or Radical Change

pp. 13-14

Cash for Credits: Education in a Time of Hardship

pp. 15-19

Healing in Community

pp. 19-22

A Spiritual Perspective on Family Courts

pp. 23-75

Long Live Zinn

pp. 28-76



Hagiopics from Hollywood

pp. 65-66

Tunisia, 1942: Humanity Amid Inhumanity

pp. 66-67


This is Andalus!

pp. 67-69


Kabbalah for Feminists

pp. 69-70

Radical Media Renewal

pp. 70-71


Not For Long: To Czeslaw Milosz

pp. 78-79


State of the Universe Address 2010: Wake Up Laughing, and Wise Up Loving: the Upwising Has Begun!

p. 80

Tikkun Recommends

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