restricted access   Volume 23, Number 5, September/October 2008

Table of Contents


Readers Respond

pp. 3-6


Economic Collapse?

pp. 7-8

Election 2008, Why is it Close?

pp. 9-10

Letters to the Candidates

Presidential Strategy 2008

pp. 33-36

To McCain: Advance the American Dream

p. 37

Dear Senator McCain: An Evangelical Message

p. 38

Becoming Present

p. 39

To Senator Obama, Our Next President (I Hope)

pp. 40-41

An Open Letter to Senator John McCain the Maverick (Please stay that way!)

pp. 42-44

Senator Obama: Add “Healing” to Your Message

pp. 44-46

Dear Senator Obama: Let me tell you a Story

pp. 46-47

Politics and Society

Everybody has a Name

pp. 11-12

A Rabbi’s Journey to Iran

pp. 13-15

Afghan Women Find a Partner for Justice

pp. 16-18

The Tikkun Interview Sami Awad Palestinian Activist for Nonviolence

pp. 19-71

Fear and Nonviolence: China and Tibet

pp. 24-73

Torturing Our History

pp. 28-29

The Voice of God vs. the Voice of Pain: Julie Oxenberg talks with Michael Lerner about Jewish History, Israel/Palestine and the Psychodynamics of Healing

pp. 30-76

Information Age Populism

pp. 48-50

A Jewish Approach to Conflict Resolution Mussar Part II

pp. 51-78

Rethinking Religion


Labor Day Sermon

pp. 54-79


Coming Out (Again)

pp. 56-59

Approaching Harvest: A Sukkot Meditation

pp. 60-62

2008—A Year to Remember Gedaliah

pp. 63-79



What is Engaged Spirituality?

pp. 66-68

What Liberals Missed

pp. 68-69


L’Shana Tova: Haiku for David Shapiro

p. 65


Dear Swami: Time to Declare Independence and Interdependence

p. 80