restricted access   Volume 23, Number 4, July/August 2008

Table of Contents

Readers Respond

pp. 3-6

The Contrarian

Celebrating Capitalism’s Global Success

p. 7

Current Thinking

Congress Enables More Years of War

p. 13


pp. 13-14

Protest Against Torture Training at the School of Americas

p. 14


Obama the Nominee

pp. 8-11

Not Wars But Conversations

p. 12

Politics and Society

On the very real possibility of Transformational Change

pp. 33-76

Integral Politics and the Evolution of Consciousness and Culture

pp. 37-77

Transforming the U.S. Media: Commercial Free at Last

pp. 15-16

Obama and the Flag Pin

p. 17

The Contest and the Spectacle

pp. 18-73

Obama as Reparations

pp. 22-25

Faith in Action: Ending Slavery, Together

pp. 25-27

Can a Group Like Lead the U.S. to a New Bottom Line?

pp. 27-29

The Moral Dimensions of Sports

Patriotism at the Ballpark

pp. 30-31

The Case of the Giants

pp. 32-74

Rethinking Religion


The Jews Who Wrote in Arabic: A suggestion that may bear fruit in twenty years

pp. 41-42

Human Rights and Ecology

pp. 48-79


The Death Penalty is Losing

pp. 43-47

Ending the Death Penalty in New Jersey

p. 44

Separating Faith from Belief

pp. 55-56


Consciousness Commodified: The Attention-Deficit Society

pp. 51-54

Evangelical Christianity

Who Should Take Care of the Poor?

pp. 56-57



Change We Can Believe In

pp. 58-60

Response to Gottlieb

pp. 60-61

For a True Islam

pp. 61-63

Soulful at the Start

pp. 63-66

Mark Lilla’s Political Theology

pp. 66-69

Stand Up Comedy

What’s so Funny about a Dead Terrorist?

p. 70



p. 16

The Torah in the Palm of the Hand

p. 65


Dear Swami: “Where Swami answers your questions, and you will question his answers.”

p. 80