restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, March/April 2008

Table of Contents

Readers Respond

pp. 3-5

Current Thinking

pp. 6-7

The Contarian

What’s the Vision Driving Change?

p. 8


The Obama Phenomenon

pp. 9-13

Open-Heartedness and Generosity: NSP National Programs 2008

pp. 13-14

Politics and Society

Aboriginal Sin

pp. 15-62

Forgiveness and Apology: What, When, Why?

pp. 21-26

Why Unconditional Forgiveness IS Needed

pp. 26-63

Unconditional Forgiveness? Reply to Father Meninger

pp. 63-64

A Further Thought

p. 64

Changing the Story of Our Future

pp. 27-29

Working for Peace Without Recreating War

pp. 30-65

Democrats Need an Iran Strategy ASAP

pp. 33-39

A Scent of Sustainability in the Negev

pp. 40-41

Corporate Free Speech: A Progressive Trap

pp. 42-43

Rethinking Religion


Theology for Healing the Nation

pp. 44-45

Easter: What Happened to Jesus?

pp. 46-47

Take Back Jesus: The Queer Christ Arises for the Good of All

pp. 48-50


Zot, Ayin, and the Hundredth Monkey

pp. 51-53

Renewal For All

pp. 53-55

Sacred Doubt

pp. 56-57

In-Your-Face, Mussar Style

pp. 58-78



Harvey Pekar: Mensch Author, Mensch Editor... and other Jewish Comic Stars

pp. 66-69

Waiting for Spiritual Atheists

pp. 70-72

Across the Great Divide

pp. 73-74

Activist Seder

pp. 75-76

Lawyer as Healer

pp. 77-78


Theft of the Commons

pp. 72-73


Rock After Auschwitz

p. 75


Body Text

p. 79


Swami Beyondananda’s 2008 State of the Universe Address: Swami Predicts Heart Times Ahead

p. 80