restricted access   Volume 22, Number 4, July/August 2007

Table of Contents

Inter-Dependence Day Celebration

pp. 33-38


Funding and Crying: Why the Dems Capitulated

pp. 8-11

Anti–Religious Zealots Unite in Support of the Bush Administration’s Anti–Muslim Rhetoric

pp. 11-12

Rethinking Religion

Heschel & the Vietnam War

pp. 14-68

The Lack of Money

pp. 17-18

50th Anniversary Strategy for Peace Action

pp. 18-20

My Problem with Religion

pp. 20-22

Is Tariq Ramadan Too Beautiful to be True?

pp. 23-69

Why Holocaust Denial Undermines Islam

pp. 26-28

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: An Islamic Feminist Leaves Islam

pp. 28-71

Gate 4-A

p. 32

Politics and Society


pp. 39-47

Whiskey, Rebellion, and the Religious Left

pp. 48-51

Carbon: Tax Not Cap-and-Trade

pp. 52-55

Virginia Tech: Education and a Culture of Death

pp. 56-59

Psychologists Aiding and Abetting Torture

pp. 60-63

The Occupation: One Fable, Three Commentaries

pp. 64-67


Readers Respond

pp. 3-5

Current Thinking

pp. 6-7

The Contrarian

Taxation without Representation – Today

p. 13


The Simpsons: It’s Funny ‘Cause it’s True

pp. 72-75

Joseph’s Bones

pp. 75-76

The Axis of Evil Walks into a Bar

pp. 76-77

The Still Center of the Moving World

p. 78

Some Words in Praise of my Friends

p. 79

Swami Beyondananda Calls for Impeachment: “It’s Time for We the People to Put the ‘Decider’ Through the Decider Mill”

p. 80