restricted access   Volume 22, Number 2, March/April 2007

Table of Contents


How to End the War in Iraq

pp. 7-10

Mobilizing for a Global Marshall Plan: Toward a Transformational Foreign Policy

pp. 10-17

Politics and Society

The American Empire and 9/11

pp. 23-69

Making Abortion Rare

pp. 39-69

Spiritual Activism and Theory

Beyond Tolerance

pp. 31-35

Dying in the Spirit: A Progressive View of Decision-Making at Life’s End

pp. 36-38

Religion and Society

God and Physics: An interview with Bernard Haisch, author of The God Theory

pp. 41-48

A Future for Holocaust Commemoration

pp. 49-53

Praying to Pray with My Feet

pp. 53-56

Conservative Judaism: Good for the Gays?

pp. 57-58

Global Realities

Reflections on Human Rights Work

pp. 59-64

Healing and Transformation

Can Science Validate the Psychedelic Experience?

pp. 65-68



Readers Respond

pp. 3-4


The Uniform

p. 3

Current Thinking

Free Associations

pp. 5-6

The Contrarian

Surging while changing Strategy

p. 18

Voice for Peace

A New Era with New Opportunities

p. 19

New Voices

New Voices: Selections from forthcoming books, articles, and talks

pp. 20-22



Climbing the Ladder of Interpretation

pp. 75-76

Capsule Reviews

Zeppo’s First Wife: New and Selected Poems by Gail Mazur (review)

p. 77

Emma Lazarus by Esther Schor (review)

p. 77


Two Dystopian Movies...and their Visions of Hope: Pan’s Labyrinth and Children of Men

pp. 78-79


Dear Swami: Where Swami answers your questions and you will question his answers

p. 80

Tikkun Recommends

p. 81