restricted access   Volume 21, Number 6, November/December 2006

Table of Contents

Special Section: Twenty Years of Tikkun

Twenty Years of Tikkun

p. 17

Founding Editorial Statement

p. 18

What’s Wrong with the Right?

pp. 18-19

On Sanctifying the Holocaust: An Anti-Theological Treatise

pp. 19-20

The Uses of Laughter

p. 20

The Writing Life

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p. 21

Hostage Philosophy: Levinas’ Ethical Thought

pp. 21-22

Race Against Integration: Response

p. 22

University Truths

pp. 22-23

Interview with Peter Gabel

pp. 22-29

Platform for the Politics of Meaning: Senior Citizens

pp. 23-24

Curing Homophobia and Other Conservative Pathologies

pp. 24-26

After the Rabin Assassination

pp. 26-28

Pentecostalism and the Future of Christianity

pp. 28-29

“In a Beginning…” Quantum Cosmology and Kabbalah

pp. 29-31


p. 30

Interview with Nan Fink Gefen

pp. 30-33

Sharing Jerusalem

pp. 31-32

On Globalization

pp. 32-33

Meditation and Social Change

p. 33

The Partnership School of the Future

pp. 33-34

The Political Meaning of Bush v. Gore

pp. 34-35

Post Traumatic Love Syndrome

pp. 35-36

The U.S. War Against Iraq

pp. 36-37

We the Peacemakers

pp. 37-38

A New Bottom Line in Education

p. 38

Ama Zenya Speaking about Abortion: At the Network of Spiritual Progressives’ Spiritual Activism Conference

p. 39

Jewish Renewal and American Spirituality

pp. 39-40

Politics & Society

Choosing Health Reform

pp. 41-45

The Art of the Possible: Health-Care Reform in Massachusetts

p. 45

National Health Insurance Begins at Home

pp. 46-47

It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid: Genuine Health-Care Reform

pp. 48-76

Spiritual Activism

Daniel Dennett’s Theory of Religion

pp. 51-79

Response to Daniel Levine

pp. 54-57

The Passion Test: How Humor Fuels the New Economy

pp. 57-58


When a Country Doesn’t Take Responsibility

pp. 59-80

America’s Military Proxy

pp. 63-66


My Child’s God — and Mine

pp. 67-69

One Day’s Oil for Eight Days’ Needs: The Chanukah Miracle in a Petroleum Generation

pp. 70-71

A Season for Inclusion: A Family Reflection

pp. 72-73

Small Steps to LGBT Inclusion

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Readers Respond

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Current Thinking

The Bush Hangover

pp. 6-7


Tikkun’s Twentieth Anniversary

pp. 8-13

The Contrarian

The Persistent Progressive: Tikkun at Twenty!

pp. 13-14

Mash Down Babylon

Making a Desert Bloom (Again)

p. 15


An Arab Plan That Jews Must Pursue

p. 16



A Tribute to Hannah Arendt: Marking the Centenary of Her Birth

pp. 81-86

Texas Jews, Blue-Eyed Gods, and Multiple Personas: An Interview with T Cooper

pp. 86-87

Breaching the Iron Wall

pp. 87-88

A Primal Cry

pp. 88-89

The People’s Historian

pp. 89-90

Capsule Reviews

pp. 90-91


The Land of the Settlers: Hayim Yavin

pp. 92-93


Redistributing the Sonic Universe: Listening to Califone

pp. 94-95

Capsule Reviews

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Tikkun Recommends

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