restricted access   Volume 113, Numbers 2 & 3, Spring/Summer 2015

Table of Contents

Building a History of Twentieth-Century Kentucky

Thomas Kiffmeyer and Robert S. Weise, Guest Editors


pp. 159-161

Introduction: Building a History of Twentieth-Century Kentucky

pp. 163-169



Charting the Path of Twentieth-Century Kentucky: Current Courses and Future Directions

pp. 171-199

Politics and the Economy

The End of Kentucky’s Winning Season?: A Fresh Look at Early-Twentieth-Century Kentucky Decision-Making

pp. 201-232

Toil, Trouble, Transformation: Workers and Unions in Modern Kentucky

pp. 233-269

“Buried in Original Records, Government Reports, Statistical Tables, and Obscure Essays”?: Kentucky’s Twentieth-Century Agricultural History

pp. 271-306

The Republican Party and Modern Conservatism in Postwar Kentucky

pp. 307-320

Regions, Cultures, and the Image of Kentucky

Socially Relevant History: Appalachian Kentucky in the Twentieth Century

pp. 321-355

Western Kentucky in the Twentieth Century: From the End of Isolation to the Collapse of the “Gibraltar of Democracy”

pp. 357-384

My Old Kentucky Home: Black History in the Bluegrass State

pp. 385-419

Colonels, Hillbillies, and Fightin’: Twentieth-Century Kentucky in the National Imagination

pp. 421-452

Social Groups and Movements

Yoked to Tradition: Kentucky Women and Their Histories, 1900–1945

pp. 453-475

Integrating Women into Modern Kentucky History: The Equal Rights Amendment Debate (1972–1978) as a Case Study

pp. 477-507

“Straining To Hear Their Thoughts and Desires”: Researching and Writing the African American Experience in Kentucky

pp. 509-541

White Protestants and the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky

pp. 543-573

Mid-Twentieth Century Social Movements in Kentucky

pp. 575-589