restricted access   Volume 58, Number 3, 2015

Table of Contents


Fin-de-Siècle Women Writers and the Modern Short Story

pp. 291-312

Ménie Muriel Dowie: The “Modern” Woman of Choices

pp. 313-340

Sherlock Holmes and Cocaine: A 7% Solution for Modern Professionalism

pp. 341-360

What Bram Stoker’s Dracula Reveals about Violence

pp. 361-384

Conservative Politics, Modernist Poetics: J. M. Kennedy’s “Tory Democracy”

pp. 385-402

Fin-de-Siècle Indian English-Language Poetry: British Imperialism, India and the Irish Question

pp. 403-418

Book Reviews

Wilde’s Lectures: Britain & Ireland

pp. 419-423

Decadent Poetics

pp. 423-427

George Moore, Polymath

pp. 428-431

Chesterton, London & Modernity

pp. 431-435

Stevenson in the Classroom

pp. 435-438

Edition of A Child of the Jago

pp. 439-441

GBS’s Settings

pp. 441-442

The British Empire & Emergent Media

pp. 442-445

British Women’s Poetry: World War I

pp. 445-448

High Anxiety

pp. 448-452

Gibson’s Joyce: Waging Literature Like a Battle

pp. 452-455