restricted access   Volume 88, Number 2, Spring 2015

Table of Contents

Special Collection

Kinship Chronotopes

Introduction: About Time

pp. 241-249

Autochthony and “Family”: The Politics of Kinship in White Kenyan Bids to Belong

pp. 251-280

Mediating Disjunctures of Time: Ancestral Chronotopes in Ritual and Media Practices

pp. 281-304

Basic Kinship Terms: Christian Relations, Chronotopic Formulations, and a Korean Confrontation of Language

pp. 305-336

Avoidance as Alterity Stance: An Upper Xinguan Affinity Chronotope

pp. 337-372

Phatic Traces: Sociality in Contemporary Japan

pp. 373-400

Chronotopic Formulations and Kinship Behaviors in Social History

pp. 401-415


Beyond Mystification: Hegemony, Resistance, and Ethical Responsibility in Israel

pp. 417-443

“By the Time I Get to Arizona”: Citizenship, Materiality, and Contested Identities Along the US–Mexico Border

pp. 445-479

Plant Publics: Multispecies Relating in Spanish Botanical Gardens

pp. 481-507

“If You Do Not Visit, We Will Take It Away”: An Analysis of a Communication Campaign for Italian Cultural Heritage

pp. 509-531

Elites, Culture, and Power: The Moral Politics of “Development” in Cameroon

pp. 533-568

New Release Book Reviews

The Spirit of the Laws in Mozambique by Juan Obarrio (review)

pp. 569-579

Biomedicine in an Unstable Place: Infrastructure and Personhood in a Papua New Guinean Hospital by Alice Street (review)

pp. 581-586

Book Review

Brown Boys and Rice Queens: Spellbinding Performance in the Asias by Eng-Beng Lim (review)

pp. 587-596