restricted access   Volume 8, Number 1, Spring 2015

Table of Contents

open access   In tribute to Anne Donchin (1930–2014)

pp. 1-17


A relational view of conscience and physician conscientious action

pp. 18-36

Liberal individualism, relational autonomy, and the social dimension of respect

pp. 37-66

Competence, voluntariness, and oppressive socialization: A feminist critique of the threshold elements of informed consent

pp. 67-85

Body images and breasted experience: Toward better clinical conversations about mastectomy

pp. 86-112

Do the “right” thing: Achieving family at home and abroad

pp. 113-137

Unreflexive medicine: The unspoken “goodness” of the normal in the case of conjoined twins’ separation

pp. 138-155

In Conversation

Ruth Macklin, Alison Reiheld, Robyn Bluhm, Sidney Callahan, and Frances Kissling discuss the Marlise Muñoz case, advance directives, and pregnant women

pp. 156-167


Forced sonogram and compelled speech abortion regulations: A constitutional analysis

pp. 168-181

Breast cancer activism in the United States and the politics of genes

pp. 182-200

Review Essay

Rightings: Ethics and Human Sex Variation

pp. 201-221


pp. 222-227


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