restricted access   Volume 33, Number 1, Winter 2015

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World War II and the Post-War Era: Conflict, Politics, and Identity

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From Harvard to Nuremberg: Father Fabian Flynn’s Service as Catholic Chaplain to the 26th Infantry Regiment, 1942–1946

pp. 1-24

American Evangelical Attitudes Toward Catholicism: World War II to Vatican II

pp. 25-54

Educating “Sister Lucy”: The Experiential Sources of the Movement to Improve Higher Education for Catholic Teaching Sisters, 1949–1964

pp. 55-79

“We are the Church”: The Cursillo Movement and the Reinvention of Catholic Identities in Postwar America and Beyond

pp. 81-98

“The mental grandchildren of Monsignor John A. Ryan”: George G. Higgins, John F. Cronin, S.S., and the Role of the National Catholic Welfare Conference in Post-War American Politics

pp. 99-135

“This is how I remember the finest man I ever knew”: War Commemoration, the Politics of Healing, and the Miraculous in the Cause of Emil Kapaun

pp. 137-162

Quest for the Holy Grail: Central American War, Catholic Internationalism, and United States Public Diplomacy in Reagan’s America

pp. 163-197

Book Review

What They Wished For: American Catholics & American Presidents, 1960–2004 by Lawrence J. McAndrews (review)

pp. 199-201