restricted access   Volume 18, Number 3, November 2014 (No. 45)

Table of Contents


Disciplining the Unruly (National) Body in Staceyann Chin’s The Other Side of Paradise

pp. 1-17

Own People: Race, “Altered Solidarities,” and the Limits of Culture in Trinidad

pp. 18-34

The Theory of Haiti: The Black Jacobins and the Poetics of Universal History

pp. 35-51

Translating the Caribbean

Guest editors Kaiama Glover and Martin Munro

The Myth of the Monolingual Haitian Reader: Linguistic Rights and Choices in the Haitian Literary Context

pp. 52-63

Literatura Nullius: The Untranslatability of Eduardo Lalo and the Multirelation of the Puerto Rican Intellectual

pp. 64-77

Tasks without Solutions: Why Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams Matters to Translation Culture and Caribbean Poetics

pp. 78-89

Translative and Opaque: Multilingual Caribbean Writing in Derek Walcott and Monchoachi

pp. 90-106

Let Yourself Be Told

pp. 107-114


Atlantic Transformerz - movt nr. 7: Evident

pp. 115-122

On the Self-Evidence of Blackness: An Interview with Charl Landvreugd

pp. 123-136

Book Discussion: Thinking with Colin Dayan

“Ancient Modes of Proof” and “Current Jural Doings”: Notes on the Work of Colin Dayan

pp. 138-151

From Black Transgender Studies to Colin Dayan: Notes on Methodology

pp. 152-161

Haiti, History, and the Law: Colin Dayan’s Fables of Conversion

pp. 162-177

Writing in a Belittered World

pp. 178-187


pp. 188-190