Volume 37, Number 2, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Life in Occupied Palestine

Guest Editors: Cynthia G. Franklin Morgan Cooper & Ibrahim G. Aoudé


p. v

Editor's Introduction

  Life in Occupied Palestine: Three Cafés and a Special Issue

pp. vii-xlviii


Section One: Borders, Journeys, Home

  Exiled at Home: Writing Return and the Palestinian Home

pp. 377-397

  After the Nakba in Nuba: A Palestinian Villager’s Diary, 1949

pp. 398-450

  Not Just a Picnic: Settler Colonialism, Mobility, and Identity among Palestinians in Israel

pp. 451-473

  Locked Out

pp. 474-475

  Once Upon a Border: The Secret Lives of Resistance—the Case of the Palestinian Village of al-Marja, 1949–1967

pp. 476-504

Section Two: Invasions, Incarcerations, and Insurgent Imagination

  Incidental Insurgents: An Interview with Ruanne Abou Rahme

pp. 507-515

  Towards a New Language of Liberation: An Interview with Raja Shehadeh

pp. 516-523

  Gaza Writes Back: Narrating Palestine

pp. 524-537

  Write What You Know

pp. 538-539

  Dreaming of Never Land

pp. 540-555

  “Food is not our issue”: Reflections on Hunger Striking

pp. 556-559

Section Three: Reciprocal Solidarities and Other Revolutionary Relations

  From the West Bank: Letters and Acts of Resistance

pp. 563-605

  Life in Abu Dis Continues Quietly

pp. 606-663

  Traveling as a Palestinian

pp. 664-679

  Reciprocal Solidarity: Where the Black and Palestinian Queer Struggles Meet

pp. 680-705

Section Four: Forging a Just Future

  The “I” in BDS: Individual Creativity and Responsibility in the Context of Collective Praxis — an Interview With Omar Barghouti and Falastine Dwikat

pp. 709-719


pp. 720-723