restricted access   Volume 27, Number 1, Spring 2015

Table of Contents

Editorial Note

Rethinking Transnationalism and Histories of Women, Race, and Sexuality In and Between Latin America and the United States, 1870–1970

pp. 7-12


A Feisty Woman in Nineteenth-Century Mexico: Laura Méndez de Cuenca (1853–1928)

pp. 13-37

Raising Pan Americans: Early Women Activists of Hemispheric Cooperation, 1916–1944

pp. 38-61

Creating Madres Campesinas: Revolutionary Motherhood and the Gendered Politics of Nation Building in 1950s Bolivia

pp. 62-87

Modern Kitchens in the Pampas: Home Mechanization and Domestic Work in Argentina, 1940–1970

pp. 88-109

“I had to Promise . . . Not to Ask ‘Nasty’ Questions Again”: African American Women and Sex and Marriage Education in the 1940s

pp. 110-135

Not to Rely Completely on the Courts: Florynce “Flo” Kennedy and Black Feminist Leadership in the Reproductive Rights Battle, 1969–1971

pp. 136-160

Book Reviews

Struggles for Citizenship: Gender, Sexuality, and the State (Then and Now)

pp. 161-167

Adoption Politics: Families, Identities, and Power

pp. 168-177

Intersecting Histories of Gender, Race, and Disability

pp. 178-186

Transcending Cross-Cultural Frontiers: Gender, Religion, Race, and Nation in Asia and the Near East

pp. 187-196


pp. 197-199


p. 200