restricted access   Volume 93, Number 3, March 2015

Table of Contents


Cancer and the Plow

pp. 863-880

Gene by Social-Environment Interaction for Youth Delinquency and Violence: Thirty-Nine Aggression-Related Genes

pp. 881-903

Economic Sociology

The Recruitment Paradox: Network Recruitment, Structural Position, and East German Market Transition

pp. 905-932

Balancing Permission and Prohibition: Private Trade and Adaptation at the VOC

pp. 933-955


Non-Standard Work Schedules and Childbearing in the Netherlands: A Mixed-Method Couple Analysis

pp. 957-988

A Life-Changing Event: First Births and Men’s and Women’s Attitudes to Mothering and Gender Divisions of Labor

pp. 989-1014

Inequality and Stratification

Mexican American Mobility: Early Life Processes and Adult Wealth Ownership

pp. 1015-1046

Income Inequality and Intergenerational Income Mobility in the United States

pp. 1047-1080

Racial and Spatial Targeting: Segregation and Subprime Lending within and across Metropolitan Areas

pp. 1081-1108

Inequality Preservation through Uneven Diffusion of Cultural Materials across Stratified Groups

pp. 1109-1137

Double Jeopardy: Why Latinos Were Hit Hardest by the US Foreclosure Crisis

pp. 1139-1184

Social Capital

Intrinsically Advantageous?: Reexamining the Production of Class Advantage in the Case of Home Mortgage Modification*

pp. 1185-1209

Ethnic Diversity, Economic and Cultural Contexts, and Social Trust: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Evidence from European Regions, 2002–2010

pp. 1211-1240


Using “Wild” Laughter to Explore the Social Sources of Humor

pp. 1241-1265


Governing Natural Disasters: State Capacity, Democracy, and Human Vulnerability

pp. 1267-1300

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