restricted access   Volume 52, Number 2, Fall 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Landscape Archaeology in Southeast Asia

Defining Ifugao Social Organization: “House,” Field, and Self-Organizing Principles in the Northern Philippines

pp. 161-189

Landscape Evolution in Cebu, Central Philippines: The Impact of Sea Level, Social History, and Tectonism on Archaeological Landscapes

pp. 190-212

Visibility and Power: Preliminary Analysis of Social Control on a Bandanese Plantation Compound, Eastern Indonesia

pp. 213-243

Cultural Landscapes of War and Political Regeneration

pp. 244-267

Kingdom on the Beach Ridges: A Landscape Archaeology of Tambralinga in Peninsular Siam

pp. 268-299

Buddhism and its Relationship to Dvaravati Period Settlement Patterns and Material Culture in Northeast Thailand and Central Laos c. Sixth–Eleventh Centuries a.d. : A Historical Ecology Approach to the Landscape of the Khorat Plateau

pp. 300-326

The Social and Ecological Trajectory of Prehistoric Cambodian Earthworks

pp. 327-346

Designs of Kings and Farmers: Landscape Systems of the Greater Angkor Urban Complex

pp. 347-367

Book Reviews

Early Buddhist Architecture in Context: The Great Stupa at Amaravati (ca. 300 BCE–300 CE) by Akira Shimada (review)

pp. 368-371

Rock Carvings in Hong Kong by William Meacham (review)

pp. 371-373