restricted access   Volume 18, Number 1, February 2015

Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface

pp. v-vi

Introduction: Debt: The Cultural Logics of Owing/Owning

pp. 1-9


Dowries and Debts: Fuzhounese Youth Geographies of Fear, Resentment, and Obligation

pp. 11-40

Unfaithful Returns: Reiterations of Dissent, U.S.–Korean Militarized Debt, and the Architecture of Violent Freedom

pp. 41-72

The Debts of Memory: Historical Amnesia and Refugee Knowledge in The Reeducation of Cherry Truong

pp. 73-97

Book Reviews

Radicals on the Road: Internationalism, Orientalism, and Feminism during the Vietnam Era by Judy Tzu-Chun Wu (review)

pp. 99-101

Inhuman Citizenship: Traumatic Enjoyment and Asian American Literature by Juliana Chang (review)

pp. 102-104

After Camp: Portraits in Midcentury Japanese American Life and Politics by Greg Robinson (review)

pp. 104-106

Beyond The Chinese Connection: Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production by Crystal S. Anderson (review)

pp. 107-109


pp. 111-112