restricted access   Volume 16, Number 4, Fall 2014

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Editor’s Note

pp. 1-4

“Tossing a Match into Dry Hay”: Nuclear Weapons and the Crisis in U.S.-Canadian Relations, 1962–1963

pp. 5-34

“Stay Behind”: A Clandestine Cold War Phenomenon

pp. 35-59

Freedom Tide?: Ideology, Politics, and the Origins of Democracy Promotion in U.S. Central America Policy, 1980–1984

pp. 60-109

Cross-Curtain Radio Cooperation and New International Alignments during the Cold War

pp. 110-132

Chinese–North Korean Relations and Chinese Policy toward Korean Cross-Border Migration, 1950–1962

pp. 133-158

The Ghosts of Development: The United States and Jordan’s East Ghor Canal

pp. 159-188

“Thunder without Rain”: ARCI, the Far East Refugee Program, and the U.S. Response to Hong Kong Refugees

pp. 189-221

Book Reviews

Hollywood Exiles in Europe: The Blacklist and Cold War Film Culture by Rebecca Prime (review)

pp. 222-224

A Band of Noble Women: Racial Politics in the Women’s Peace Movement by Melinda Plastas (review)

pp. 224-226

The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler by Ben Urwand (review)

pp. 226-228

Cold War Literature: Writing the Global Conflict ed. by Andrew Hammond, and: Global Cold War Literature: Western, Eastern and Postcolonial Perspectives ed. by Andrew Hammond (review)

pp. 228-232

Western Anti-Communism and the Interdoc Network: Cold War Internationale by Giles Scott-Smith (review)

pp. 232-235

Wieviel Sicherheit braucht der Friede? Zivile und militärische Näherungen zur österreichischen Sicherheitsstrategie ed. by Thomas Roithner, Johann Frank, and Eva Huber (review)

pp. 235-237

Erbe des Kalten Krieges ed. by Bernd Greiner, Tim B. Müller, and Klaas Voß (review)

pp. 237-239

I Cannot Forget: Imprisoned in Korea, Accused at Home by Johnny Moore and Judith Fenner Gentry (review)

pp. 239-241

Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea: Freedom’s Frontier by Theodore Hughes (review)

pp. 241-243

State Violence in East Asia ed. by N. Ganesan and Sung Chull Kim (review)

pp. 243-244

Modern China-Myanmar Relations: Dilemmas of Mutual Dependence by David I. Steinberg and Hongwei Fan (review)

pp. 245-248

Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century by Christian Caryl (review)

pp. 248-250

The Cambodian Wars: Clashing Armies and CIA Covert Operations by Kenneth Conboy (review)

pp. 250-251

Washingtons Söldner: Verdeckte US-Interventionen im Kalten Krieg und ihre Folgen by Klaas Voß (review)

pp. 252-253

The Oxford Handbook of the Cold War ed. by Richard H. Immerman and Petra Goedde (review)

pp. 253-255

The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret Cold War by Stephen Kinzer (review)

pp. 255-256

The October 1973 War: Politics, Diplomacy, Legacy ed. by Asaf Siniver (review)

pp. 256-258

The New Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations, Vol. 4: Challenges to American Primacy, 1945 to the Present by Warren Cohen (review)

pp. 259-260

Mao’s China and the Sino-Soviet Split: Ideological Dilemma by Mingjiang Li (review)

pp. 260-263

American Foreign Policy and Postwar Reconstruction: Comparing Japan and Iraq by Jeff Bridoux (review)

pp. 264-265

Between Prague Spring and French May: Opposition and Revolt in Europe, 1960–1980 ed. by Martin Klimke, Jacco Pekelder, and Joachim Scharloth (review)

pp. 266-268

Kriegsschauplatz Deutschland: Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse eines NVA-Offiziers by Siegfried Lautsch (review)

pp. 268-271

Kennedy, Johnson and the Nonaligned World by Robert B. Rakove (review)

pp. 271-273

The Pro-War Movement: Domestic Support for the Vietnam War and the Making of Modern American Conservatism by Sandra Scanlon (review)

pp. 273-275

The Vietnam War in American Memory: Veterans, Memorials, and the Politics of Healing by Patrick Hagopian (review)

pp. 275-277

Americans Experience Russia: Encountering the Enigma, 1917 to the Present ed. by Choi Chatterjee and Beth Holmgren (review)

pp. 277-279

Divided Together: The United States and the Soviet Union in the United Nations, 1945–1965 by Ilya V. Gaiduk (review)

pp. 279-281

The Readers of Novyi Mir: Coming to Terms with the Stalinist Past by Denis Kozlov (review)

pp. 281-283

Rusya-NATO i sredata na sigurnost sled Studenata voina: Chast 1–1989–1999 by Nadia Boyadjieva (review)

pp. 283-285

Building a European Identity: France, the United States, and the Oil Shock, 1973–1974 by Aurélie Elisa Gfeller (review)

pp. 285-287

Greek-American Relations from Monroe to Truman by Angelo Repousis (review)

pp. 287-289

US Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion: From Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama ed. by Michael Cox, Timothy J. Lynch, and Nicolas Bouchet (review)

pp. 289-291


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