restricted access   Volume 49, Special Issue, 2014

Table of Contents

Guest Editors: Jeffrey W. Rubin, David Smilde, Benjamin Junge


pp. 3-5

Part 1: Social Movements and Participatory Democracy

Lived Religion and Lived Citizenship in Latin America’s Zones of Crisis: Introduction

pp. 7-26

Acción Cultural Popular, Responsible Procreation, and the Roots of Social Activism in Rural Colombia

pp. 27-44

Iglesia Católica y democracia participativa y protagónica en Venezuela

pp. 45-60

Religion and Resistance to Extraction in Rural Peru: Is the Catholic Church Following the People?

pp. 61-80

“The Energy of Others”: Narratives of Envy and Purification among Former Grassroots Community Leaders in Porto Alegre, Brazil

pp. 81-98

Part 2: Activists Speak About Religion

Activistas hablan de religión y movimientos sociales, Lima 2010

pp. 99-111

Part 3: Zones of Crisis

Wrestling the Devil: Conversion and Exit from Central American Gangs

pp. 112-128

Santa Muerte, Protection, and Desamparo: A View from a Mexico City Altar

pp. 129-148

Violence, Citizenship, and Religion in a Rio de Janeiro Favela

pp. 149-167

Friction, Conversion, and Contention: Prophetic Politics in the Tohono O’odham Borderlands

pp. 168-184

Advancing the Grounded Study of Religion and Society in Latin America: Concluding Comments

pp. 185-193

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 199-202