restricted access   Volume 1, Issues 1-2, November 2014

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Inaugural Issue

pp. iii-vi

The Potent Eunuch: The Story of Wei Zhongxian

pp. 1-28

Nobody’s Genre, Everybody’s Song: Sanqu Songs and the Expansion of the Literary Sphere in Yuan China

pp. 29-64

Fresh Faces for Those Full of Emotions: Zhu Suchen’s Qinlou yue

pp. 65-89

Yuan Mei’s Suiyuan shihua and the Transformation of Qing Dynasty Shihua Writing

pp. 90-124

The Life and Afterlife of Ling Zhiyuan (1831–1852) and Her Poetry Collection

pp. 125-154

Manuscript Culture in Late Western Han, and the Implications for Authors and Authority

pp. 155-185

Primers and Poetry in Ancient China: Shenglü fameng and Beyond

pp. 186-215

Facets of Chinese Culture

Tao Yuanming: A Symbol of Chinese Culture

pp. 216-240

Poetry and Diplomacy in the Zuozhuan

pp. 241-261

Terms, Concepts, and Methods

The Richness of Ambiguity: A Mencian Statement and Interpretive Theory and Practice in Premodern China

pp. 262-288

Text Matters

The Life of a Text: A Brief History of the Liji 禮記 (Rites Records) and Its Transmission

pp. 289-308