restricted access   Volume 37, Number 1, January 2015 (PAJ 109)

Table of Contents

Performance and Architecture

Expanded Fields: Architecture/Landscape/Performance

pp. 1-7

Architecture Beyond Architecture

pp. 8-15

Cloud Ecologies: ANAcycle

pp. 16-17

Neural Sky Exhibit: FoxLin

pp. 18-19

Datagrove: Future Cities Lab

pp. 20-21

Species Niches: Harrison Atelier

pp. 22-23

Aviary: Höweler + Yoon Architecture

pp. 24-25

WeatherField: Lateral Office

pp. 26-27

Becoming Animal: Minimaforms

pp. 28-29

Carbon T.A.P. / Tunnel Algae Project: Port

pp. 30-31

Pyro: Raven: Robotic Field Operations

pp. 32-33

Sirenuse: Weathers

pp. 34-35

Sun Farm: Body, Self, Universe

pp. 36-47

Art and Performance Notes

Bearing Witness: Intersections of Art and Protest

pp. 49-55

Global Screen Shots

pp. 56-63

Finding One’s Place in a World of Transformation

pp. 64-70

Immersive Space, Digital Intimacy

pp. 71-77

Requiem for Gotscheff, Müller, and Utopia

pp. 78-85

Kidnapping as Art

pp. 86-93


Revolutionary theatre of the Absurd from the Arab World

pp. 94-96

The Dictator

pp. 97-125

Books and Company

The Community and Homo Criticus: Performance in the Age of Neoliberalism

pp. 126-129