restricted access   Volume 4, Number 3, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

pp. v-vi

Narrative Symposium: Religion in Medical and Nursing Practice

Introduction: Religion in Medical and Nursing Practice

pp. 189-190

Helping a Muslim Family to Make a Life–and–Death Decision for Their Beloved Terminally Ill Father

pp. 190-192

The 12–Minute Journey

pp. 192-193

The Emperor’s Daughter, the Wise Rabbi, and the Realtor’s Facelift

pp. 194-196

The Intersection of Medicine and Religion

pp. 196-199

Blind Faith

pp. 199-200

A Prayer for the Baby

pp. 200-202

Doctor at War, Doctor Washing Feet

pp. 202-204

A Prayer for the Dead, A Prayer for the Living

pp. 204-206

Incorporating Religion into Psychiatry: Evidenced–Based Practice, Not a Bioethical Dilemma

pp. 206-208

The Right Thing to Do

pp. 208-210

In Search of Faith

pp. 210-212

The Oldest and Most Respected Uniform in the World

pp. 212-214

Revelation in Triage: Faith Illuminating the Clinical Encounter

pp. 214-216

Personal Narratives (Web Only Content)

A Song of Mary

pp. E1-E3

Spirituality in Nursing Practice

pp. E3-E5


My Spirit Honors Your Spirit

pp. 217-219

Holy Transgressions: Breaching the Wall between Public Religion and Patient Care

pp. 221-226

Being Faithful to the Personhood of Patients

pp. 227-231

Research Article

Expectations for Function and Independence by Childhood Brain Tumors Survivors and Their Mothers

pp. 233-251

Case Studies

Conversation and the Jehovah’s Witness Dying From Blood Loss

pp. 253-261

When to Say When: Responding to a Suicide Attempt in the Acute Care Setting

pp. 263-270

Narrative Educational Report

Art, Clinical Moral Perception, and the Moral Psychology of Healthcare Professionalism

pp. 271-277

Qualitative Research Summary

Highlights of Qualitative Research Articles in Bioethics: Academic Year 2013–2014

pp. 279-286


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