restricted access   Volume 159, Number 4, Fall 2014

Table of Contents


In Praise of Doubt and Systematic Inquiry

pp. 305-311

In Memoriam: Robert F. Panara

pp. 313-314

In Memoriam: E. Ross Stuckless

pp. 315-316

Letter to the Editor

The Importance of Visual Stimulus as a Component of Audition Stimulus in the Aural/Oral (Re)Habilitation of Children/Clients With Hearing Loss

pp. 317-318

Special Issue, Part I

Ye Wang and Jean Andrews, Editors

Reading and Deaf Individuals: Perspectives on the Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis

pp. 319-322

Are We Hammering Square Pegs Into Round Holes?: An Investigation of the Meta-Analyses of Reading Research With Students Who Are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Students Who Are Hearing

pp. 323-345

Early Visual Language Exposure and Emergent Literacy in Preschool Deaf Children: Findings From a National Longitudinal Study

pp. 346-358

Is Reading Different for Deaf Individuals?: Reexamining the Role of Phonology

pp. 359-371

Literacy and Linguistic Development in Bilingual Deaf Children: Implications of the “and” for Phonological Processing

pp. 372-384