restricted access   Volume 38, Number 1A, October 2014

Table of Contents

Evolutionary Aesthetics: A Special Issue in Memory of Denis Dutton

Introductory Note: Denis Dutton, Editor

pp. iv-vi

I. Personal Remembrances

Working with Denis: 1982–2002

pp. A1-A9

Constantforce: Remembering Denis Dutton (1944–2010)

pp. A10-A14

The Dancer and His Dance

pp. A15-A19

Denis’s Way

pp. A20-A21

Denis Dutton: Universal Connoisseur

pp. A22-A25

II. The Broad Reach of Evolutionary Aesthetics

Denis Dutton: Appreciation of the Man and Discussion of the Work

pp. A26-A40

Denis Dutton on Cross-Cultural Aesthetics, Forgery, and Performance

pp. A41-A47

Denis Dutton’s The Art Instinct and the Recovery of Ainu Aesthetics

pp. A48-A59

Ustane’s Evolution versus Ayesha’s Immortality in H. Rider Haggard’s She

pp. A60-A74

III. The Emergence of the Novel, Evolutionary Psychology, and Literary Aestheics

Why the Novel Happened: A Cognitive Explanation

pp. A75-A93

An Inquiry into Divers Principles of Art-making Minds and Machines, Being an Essay on Turing in the Chinese Room

pp. A94-A113

Pride and Prejudice or Family and Flirtation?: Jane Austen’s Depiction of Women’s Mating Strategies

pp. A114-A128

Toward the “Coppice Gate”: A Reading of Thomas Hardy’s “The Darkling Thrush”

pp. A129-A143

What Would Dutton Say about the Paradox of Fiction?

pp. A144-A147

IV. Darwinian Selection and the World of Art

Plotting Devices: Literary Darwinism in the Laboratory

pp. A148-A161

Marvelous Plasticity and the Fortunes of Species in The Water-Babies

pp. A162-A177

Uniting the Sciences and Arts

pp. A178-A194

Social Psychology and the Comic-Book Superhero: A Darwinian Approach

pp. A195-A215

Feminism Has No Quarrel with Evolutionary Science—Neither Does the Study of Literature: A Reply to Cameron and Gottschall

pp. A216-A229

V. Extending Darwinian Explanation

Attending to the Gesture in Experimental Modernism; or, Reading with(out) Theory of Mind

pp. A230-A247

Kierkegaard, Rorty, and Evolution

pp. A248-A266

Life History into Story

pp. A267-A278

Imagine This …

pp. A279-A292

Coda: Interviews, Talks, Appearances

Denis Dutton: Interview with John Horgan

pp. A293-A313

A Darwinian Theory of Beauty

pp. A314-A318

Denis Dutton: Interview with Stephen Colbert

pp. A319-A322