restricted access   Volume 14, Number 4, November 2014

Table of Contents


pp. iii-iv


Transparency in the Extractive Industries: Time to Ask for More

pp. 1-9

Research Articles

The Rise of Renewable Energy Protectionism: Emerging Trade Conflicts and Implications for Low Carbon Development

pp. 10-35

The Changing Nature of Nature: Environmental Politics in the Anthropocene

pp. 36-54

The World Bank and Negotiating the Red Sea and Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project

pp. 55-74

Contesting Climate Injustice: Transnational Advocacy Network Struggles for Rights in UN Climate Politics

pp. 75-96

Blame Games in the Amazon: Environmental Crises and the Emergence of a Transparency Regime in Brazil

pp. 97-115

Basins at Risk: Predicting International River Basin Conflict and Cooperation

pp. 116-138

Book Review Essay

State and Society in China’s Environmental Politics

pp. 139-144

Book Reviews

Environmental Litigation in China: A Study in Political Ambivalence by Rachel E. Stern (review)

pp. 145-147

From Precaution to Profit: Contemporary Challenges to Environmental Protection in the Montreal Protocol by Brian J. Gareau (review)

pp. 147-150

Rethinking Private Authority: Agents and Entrepreneurs in Global Environmental Governance by Jessica F. Green (review)

pp. 150-152