restricted access   Volume 90, Number 4, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Featured Contributors

pp. 7-9

Portrait of the Artist

pp. 10-11

Photographers to Watch

A Portfolio in Conjunction with LOOK3

pp. 62-63

“Surveilling the West”

pp. 64-69

“Home of Youth”

pp. 70-77

“Carny Chronicles”

pp. 78-87

“After the Funeral”

pp. 88-99

“At Sea”

pp. 100-109

New Voices in Fiction

Serve-and-Volley, Near Vichy

pp. 126-136

The Summer of Ice Cream

pp. 137-151

Kitty Hawk

pp. 152-161

Now, Let’s Consider This Case

pp. 162-166

What Liesel Thinks of Horses

pp. 167-175

Amateur Hour

If You Print It, They Will Come: Andrew Chastain shares the future of 3-D printing

pp. 12-18


Treasure Box

pp. 19-21


The Flight of Syrian Refugees

pp. 22-23


The Lessons of Atmeh: In one of the harshest camps for refugees of the Syrian conflict, even the best intentions can backfire.

pp. 24-39

Bias in the Box: For capital juries across America, race still plays a role in who gets to serve

pp. 178-201


A Paint-Factory Education

pp. 44-53

Best, Tom: When Literary Promise Is Not Enough

pp. 110-123

Smuggler: A Memoir of Gay Male Literature

pp. 204-213


The Price of Black Ambition

pp. 54-59


Blue Shift, and: Or

pp. 40-43

Hard Uncles

pp. 60-61

Midwife, and: The Hawk-Kite

pp. 124-125

History, and: The End Has Not Yet Passed Over Us

pp. 176-177

Plácido Domingo on the Northbound Train, and: Dinner with Kathleen Battle

pp. 202-203

Recent Books

Breaking Bad: The Outlaw Stylings of Brock-Broido, Cushman, and Wright

pp. 214-221

On Letters of Note: The Internet’s Idea of History

pp. 222-225

Richard Ford and the Course of American Empire

pp. 226-230

Fine Distinctions

Talent vs. Genius

p. 231

From the VQR Vault: Ambition and Success

p. 232

Thomas W. Molyneux’s Manuscript Submission of “Visiting the Point,” 1977

p. 233